ZACH BAIR • CEO & Chairman

VNUE CEO Zach Bair started his musical ambitions at 6 years old, "banging" on his mother's baby grand piano, much to her chagrin.  This evolved into trumpet playing in high school and eventually "loud" rock-n-roll bands by the time college and beyond hit.  An entrepreneur, Zach has started multiple tech and music companies, including Immediatek, which rolled out copy-control technology in 2002, and subsequently commercialized the original DiscLive, considered to be the pioneer of the "instant live" space, on a groundbreaking tour with the Pixies in 2004.  He has carried the torch ever since that time, continuing to pursue greater control, protection, and revenue for artists and labels, culminating in his leadership with VNUE to take the model to the next level.   


MATTHEW CARONA • chief operations officer

Matthew is an expert in digital strategy with 10+ years of experience applying leading-edge technology solutions to media and music verticals. Matthew began his career as an entrepreneur by starting his own publishing company and went on to serve in leadership and business development roles at World Trade Publication, Show Media Outdoor, and Billboard Magazine. Prior to co-founding VNUE, Matthew was Chief Strategy Officer at Qello, the world's leading on- demand streaming service for full-length HD concert films and music.  In just 3 years Matthew helped grow Qello from startup to a profitable multi-million dollar company. Matthew has forged partnerships with a wide variety of technology and music publishing firms, including Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, YouTube, Warner Music Group, AT&T, BMI, Motorola, Samsung, Baeble and more. Matthew received his B.A. in Business Management from Western New England University.


ANTHONY CARDENAS • chief creative officer

Better known as "Tony Montana," the bassist and co-writer for double platinum recording artist Great White from 1987-1992, Tony has gone on to a successful career not only in music, producing and recording, but also as a hi-tech entrepreneur.  He co-founded the precedent-setting business, which generated over $12M in revenues during its lifetime.  He has been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine, among others, and after having met Zach while touring with Slash in 2010 (when the company was recording Slash and his band), has been working on the VNUE/DiscLive team ever since, while continuing his active recording and performance career.