About Us

VNUE is a music technology company dedicated to further monetizing the live music experience for artists, labels, writers, publishers, and literally all stakeholders, by creating new and exciting products; by leveraging automation technology and second-to-none experience in the instant live space; and by identifying issues such as lack of transparency with performance rights organizations and solving this through innovation and our patent-pending solutions. 

The VNUE team is the most experienced in our space, a group of technology entrepreneurs, artists and songwriters who are passionate about the future of the industry, and ensuring that the value of the rights holders are not lost in the context of new and ever-changing technology.

VNUE is the exclusive licensor of "instant live" pioneer DiscLive, offering high end collectible products such as CDs, USB drives and laminates, that feature our fully mixed and mastered live concert content.

VNUE also utilizes our exclusive set.fm technology to help artists and labels render real revenue from live shows by making that content available to the set.fm platform immediately after the show, utilizing our DiscLive expertise.

Finally, VNUE is rolling out our Soundstr music identification technology to venues, bars, restaurants, radio stations, and more, to ensure that artists are being properly compensated for music that is performed, and also to ensure that businesses pay by use, rather than expensive blanket license agreements.  VNUE is revolutionizing how royalties are paid, and injecting transparency into an otherwise complicated and murky world.

By (a) selling only live content through our platforms, to include not just major and independent label content, but creating and scaling our own “instant” live exclusive content, (b) processing and paying mechanical royalties on instant live content, and (c), ensuring proper accounting and payment to rights holders of material played in venues, VNUE has a perfect trifecta of solutions that will revolutionize the live music business.